Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sydney Day 56

Ok after a few days of tinkering, I finally put up some new pics. Unfortunately I had to delete all the other photos. My website hols a max of 25megs and I exceeded the limit. So here is what is up now:

Bondi Beach and Sculptures By The Sea - pics of when I walked along the costal walkweay and saw all these magnificent sculptures being exhibited.

Shaved Head - pics of when I shaved my head to raise money for breast cancer. I liked the look so much, I'm now keeping my hear short. I even bought an electric razor to keep it short.

Surf Camp - pics of me surfing! Now you'll know why I was nicknamed goggles!

Miscellaneous - I got a few more miscellaneous pics to check out.



Joshua said...

If you want, I have some web space with unlimited space available; I can set up a photo gallery for you there.

Glen said...

The surfing pics look awesome. Seeing you in a wetsuit reminds me of the frog guy in X-Men 2. Take care.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that in this picture, you have horns and the sign says "We know you like to sleep around", right?

Sounds like you're having fun!