Friday, December 10, 2004

Sydney Day 65

Wow I've been here about 2 months! ! more month to go in Sydney adn then I'm going to start travelling. I've almost made enough money to buy my bus ticket for the tour I want to take - Oz Experience.
Today I'm sick and I got the night off work to rest so I'll make this post short.
Havn't done much but work lately. it's chanukah, Happy Chanukah! My roomates got me a gift. They bought the sequal to the book I"m reading, Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind. I'm currently reading Wizard's First Rule by him. It's an awesome book.

Next week I"m going to go see The Killers live in concert so excited for that.

Last week I was supposed to dress up as Santa Claus for a special breakfast work was hlding for it's associates but the owners hired a real life santa without telling my boss. This guy looked like santa but it was freaky. he had 2 hot women knwon as his 'little helpers'. I swear this guy looked like he'd come from a raunchy porno that would be titled "Debbie Does Santa" or something.

Also, I bought the 2 CD compilation of Pearl Jam's Greatest hits. If you like Pearl Jam then you MUST buy this! It's great. One Cd is all their fast stuff and one is all their slow stuff.

Last but not least, I found out today that the youngest child in a family is known as the 'treasure' for Koreans, haha.


Anonymous said...

vinny says:
while wizard's first rule was average and even decent in some places, the series just disintegrates like wet toilet paper. I hope you like frequent graphic descriptions of women getting beaten/killed.

Anonymous said...

Yo Joshie!

Me and Rach say hi, homeboy! We're in Rome right now, but after this, Rach is going to be heading to Oz, but unfortunately sounds like you won't be sydney anymore... Sounds like you're having fun! Have a good rest of your trip!!!!