Saturday, February 05, 2005

Melbourne Day 19

Wow time is flying! I'm in Australia almost 4 months!

Looking back now I realized I forgot to include pictures of one of the most talked about thing on the great ocean road: The Twelve Apostles. And THIS is what they look like. The picture is tough to really see them properly but they are fantastic. There aren't really 12 of them, there are only about 8 or 9 and 1 collapsed a few years ago, but basically it's just these tall skinnet rock formations in the water close to the shorline.

I don't have the time or energy to put up more pictures right now on the computer but I still have a lot of great stuff to show. You'll just have to wait until I get back to see the rest on this part of the trip (if I show everything now there won't be anything to talk about when I get back home, haha). I promise I'll have more pictures of OTHER things though in the near future.

So basically I made it to Melbourne and have been up to a lot fo stuff since I got here. I spent 1 week in a hostel called Hotel Bakpak and promised myself I wouldn't do any work and just have fun. And fun was had by all. I went to a tennis match in the Australian Open. I randomly bought a ticket and ended up seeing Federer (world #1) play against some guy Suzuki. I also discovered this bar called Dallas. For 8$ you can get free refills of you glass for 2 1 hour peeiods (9-10pm and 11pm-12am) AND there is free kareoke! I've been there three weeks in a row now and sang about 8 songs. They know me now by face and I'm becoming friendly with the bouncer (always good to have big strong friends). Also, on January 26th was Austrlia day. I went to watch the fireworks display they had and bot was it something!
For the past 2 weeks I've been looking for a job. After not hearing anything from anyone and almost giving up, I ended up getting 3 job offers at once. Right now I'm a dishwasher at a tiny italian restaurant called Di Palmas. It's nice and laid back there and the people I'm working with are all a lot of fun. I've only worked there for 2 shifts so far and already feel accepted in the group. I opened my big mouth when my boss told me to not work too hard and chance tiring out too fast and mentioned that I was a 'machine'. For the rest of the shift he just kept calling me 'his machine' and if someone was distracting me he'd say 'Don't break my machine!' haha! On monday I'm trrying out a day job as a kitchenhand in a tiny cafe and if I can handle them both I'll work at both places and make a few extra bucks. Speaking of that, I thought I figured a way to make a few extra dollars but was terribly wrong. I endedup applying for a free busking permit. I am now legally allowed to draw on the sidewalk on 2 streets in the city. I saw a guy doing it and asked him how he got to do it and where he got his supplies. For TWO dollars I bougth a giant bucket of street chalk and spent 2 hours drawing this graffiti type thing on the street. I figured I'd make a few bucks... I made 40 cents! It was cloudy though so maybe on a sunnier day I'll be able to make a few extra dollars.

I better get going, I need to get things done before work.

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Um... can we see pictures of the stuff you drew on the sidewalk? Sounds very interesting...