Monday, February 21, 2005

Melbourne Day 36

Wow! I've been here over a month.
Yesturday was the Bris (circumcision) of my little nephew Charles! The whole family was together in Toronto for it. I wish I could have been there but I'll get a chance to see my nephew when I return to Canada.

Today was a crazy day. I woke up to discover my shampoo and conditioner was gone. Either I left it in the shower or someone took it but either way I need to buy new bottles of both. Afterwards I decided since I had no work today to try the street painting again. The last tiemI did it I made 50 cents. This time I went all out and bout cheap washable black paint and did this huge graffiti picture of the word 'Melbourne'. A lot of people came by to comment on it while I was doing it and at first my hat was empty but then it filled up with change. I might have had about 3-4$! However, afer about spending 3 hours on the street, when I didn't notice, someone swipped my baseball cap with the money in it! The money is nothing, I don't care abour 3$ but I loved that hat! I had it for about 5 years and it had 2 kool pins I got - one from the billy talen concert I was at and on from when I saw Interpol. Things got better shorlty after though when this guy from Malaysia commented on my drawing and was talking to me about graffiti art. He showed me his portfollio he just 'happened' to have on him and it was amazing! Him and his 'crew' can do some really awesome grafitti stuff. He had picturesd of walls and other things he's designed like cd covers and t-shirts. He gave me his e-mail and said we should go for a beer sometime so maybe i"ll folow up the offer. Then I went back to finishing the picture. It came out REALLY AWESOME and even though my hat got stolen I'm happy with the result and got some really good photos of it which I'll post onteh website soon.
The only other thing to add to this crazy day was on the way home someone handed me a flyer and it happened to be for Jews For Jesus. I havn't met any Jews and now i"m seing Jews for Jesus! I thought that was really HILARIOUS!
Well I"m tired and starving so I"m off to make a giant meal of chicken stir fry of (if my food hasn't been stolen! haha)

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Glen said...

Hey Buds, now that you have something experience at it, when you return to Montreal you can continue your lucrative career as a busker. Just make sure to keep one eye on your hat at all times.