Thursday, February 24, 2005

Melbourne Day 39

Well I've been pretty busy the last few days. My boss at my job nformed me that the old dishwasher guy came back so now i have to share shifts with him and I'm only down for 3 maybe for shifts this week so I tried doing stuff to keep busy. Tuesay I went to the Melbourne Museuma nd saw an AMAZING exhibit on insects. They had boxs of household spiders on display and let me tell you they aren't tin like the ones back home. I really enjoyed th eexihibit because rather than just show pictures of movies of how, say, a colonie of ants behave, they had an ACTUAL colonie behind glass. It was really something. Then Tuesday night I got a call from my friend Matt V. who I worked with in Sydney at Jordans. He was in town so we got together to catch up on things. It was fun talking to him and learn about all the cool things he's been doing on his trip. I also me this American girl in my room named Laura and we ended up checking out this place called the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (I thin kthats the name) and it had a sction with movie screen where we watched a bunch of animation shorts made by people who go to an Australian Animation school or some sort. The movies were really fun to watch. Afterwards we made our way upstairs to this art exhibition. One floor was Aboriginal Art and the other was historical Australian art form the 19th century but then we got tired and left.
Today I started a new job as a... wait for it... FLYER HANDOUT GUY! I basically have to stand in fron t of this internet/travel agent place accross the street from my hostel and say "15 free minutes of internet with this voucher! 2$ per hour but if you book one of our wonderful trips you become a gold member and get 1$/hour internet!". I'm so tired form talking so much tonight I'm not going to talk at all! (I know that for me it's hard to believe but its the truth!) I'm not really getting paid cash but I'll make 10$/hour and get to redeem it for one of their trips which can be used up to 6 months so I"m bound to find somethign I want to do and save a couple of hundred bucks. Or if I opt out for money I'll get 8$/hour after tax which isn't great but I won't get any moeny until I finish my time here in April so at least it's going to be saved up a little no matter which option I choose.

Expect tons of pictures of things soon!

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