Thursday, February 09, 2006


Didn't know what to title this post since it's just bits and pieces of things from here and there.

After the improv Summit,on saturday, I attended my newphew Charle's first birthday party. It was crazy. my brother invited the whole city of montreal to our house (or what felt like it). Charles lit up like a firecracker when he recieved his umptieth gifts (or the wrapping paper to each gift, rather).

Monday I had another photoshop class where I learnt how to touch up both a black and white, and a colored photo. I have an assignmentin fixing up 2 such photos as well as another assignment in which I turn a black and white photo into a colored photo.

Tuesday I worked. Everything went well except:
-I short changed a woman 10$ and when my managed went to count the cash to see if we were over 10$, he found out we were over 35$! Thankfully, it turns out, my manager miscounted and we were only over 10$ which was returned to the customer.

-A woman freaked out when she tried returning a few tank tops. She didn't have a bill so I could only give her back the value of what the items are worth now (we have a 3 month return policy). AS I did so, they were all ringing in at 4.97$. She started to flip and immediately asked for the manager. Mike came along to help me. She kept saying that all the tank tops on the floor were 16$ and that meant there HAD to be a mistake! The clothing she was returning was no longer a new item and if any remained, would only be in clearence, hence it being so cheap. Still not believing us, she went and grabbed a featured tank top at 16 and still claimed ALL the tank tops were 16$. We have about 20 different types of tank tops all different prices! Besides, she brought a black one with studs and hers was white with a pattern and kept saying they were the same. On top of that she said she worked in the industry! Finally she accepted what she was getting for them and left.

-I smiled and waved at a baby while working as a cashier and the baby FLIPPED! She started to cry so loud that everyone in a 2 mile radius was looking in our direction wondering what the heck I did to the kid to freak it out so much...

Wednesday in my Basic Design class, I had my first quiz. I thinkI aced it. All that was required was to reproduce a picture of a fish made out of shapes, and then draw 2 logos, following specific steps given.

Afterwards, I had to make a layout in my Edition 1 class. Our Wired Magazine layout is really starting to look cool since we got to put in text and pictures now. Man, I really wish we had Quark Xpress when I worked on my high school yearbook...

I also studied for a quix which I THOUGH was yesturday but turns out it's next week so that was good and bad.

My wqednesday night ended with a GREAT episode of LOST. I love that show so much I almost fainted from excitement! I'm not so crazy on the direction they're putting the show now but I still really enjoyed it and thought last nights episode was nuts!

Today I had my graphic design class where I was working ona big project that involves not only making layout grids btu actually cutting up magazines and placing items on the page. It's a lot of fun but time consuming. I have to do 16 different layouts where 1 can take about 20 minutes to do since I have to think of where I want to place things, find them in the magazines, cut them out and finally paste them.


Billy Ruffian said...

Budman, the lesson here is that you are horrible with children and should be kept away from them at all times. furthermore, how dare you tell someone in the industry that they don't know what they're talking about. Just because they've disguised themselves as one crazy bitch doesn't mean they aren't legit.

Budman said...

Well the baby was staring in my direction. Then I smiled and she kind of jerked and her eyes almost poped out of her skull before she started to cry. I guess I have a powerful smile. Ladies beware...

Also, I was kind of tired so I was taking my time on the cash as to not make any mistakes. The woman told me she was in a hurry and said "I don't mean to be rude but if you're not sure what you're doing can you pass me on to someone who knows what they're doing? I'm in a hurry". But of sourse when she didn't get the prices she wanted all of a sudden she had AL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!

Billy Ruffian said...

She had Al? So that's where he's been these past several years.