Monday, February 20, 2006

I Don't Like That Duotone Of Yours Mister!

I havn't had a chance to show some of the things I've been doing in class, but I found todays pretty interesting and have an easy example to show what I learnt.
Today's topic in Digital Image Processing I we were taught Duotones. Basically, it's a way to color a black and white (and grey) photo using only 1 (mono), 2 (duo) or 3 (tri) colors (tones). You start by analyzing the original photo. Our first example was the following photograph:

Looking at the photo, you can see three main different parts - the flowwer petals being white/slightly grey, the leaves beings shades of grey and the shadows in the background are almost completely black or dark grey/black. Therefore, you can distinguish the different parts by applying a color to the amount of grey each part has.

Then you choose your colors. In this example we used three (therefore, it's a tritone) colors - yellow, green and black. The values are set on a graph of Quantity of Color by Amount of Grey. The petals look like they are ~20-30% grey, the leaves 40-60% grey and the backgroung 90-100% grey. Therefore, all you do is set the yellow to "color in" only the regions on the photo that are 20-30% grey. The same concept is used to set the green and black colors. After tweaking the values, you end up with:

Pretty cool, eh?

Our next big project in that class is to make an animation. I thought of a pretty wicked idea for a crazy animation so hopefully I'll be able to use it for the assignment. Look out for that one in the future.


Billy Ruffian said...

Looks cool Buddy.

Just announced my affiliation with Mudshark audio on my blog, check it out boyo!

Can't wait for vanganza. It should probably be called something cooler. Like Van-Stock.

But that's just us Non-Quebec types I reckon.

Billy Ruffian said...

Budman, tell your friend Mariana that I got her message that she slyly left on my blog after backtracking me from your blog. I sent her an email from my hotmail account about the vanganza plans of Carleton.

Budman said...

Will do dude. What are you're plans? You guys are staying for a while or just a few hours?
In any case Vaganza will KICK ASS!