Sunday, February 12, 2006

Franz Death 2006!

This morning, I got up and put on my long johns, thermal socks, 2 long sleeve shirts, ski sweater, 2 pairs of gloves, winter coat, scarf and ski hat. However, I wasn't going skiing. I was getting ready to stand in line outside in the cold Montreal weather in order to get tickets to the upcoming Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab For Cutie conert. Being that they are two great bands and that the venue is small (Cepsum - U de M) I figured they would sell out REALLY fast. My plan all along was to get to Club Soda at 10am and wait until 12noon when the box office opened.

As I was walking down the street, just before I turned the corner to Club Soda I was expecting to see a huge line. Instead, I saw nothing. I was the ONLY one there. I sat down on the blanket I brought and started to wait. Only 2 more hours to go... Then around 10:15, 4 girls came and asked me if I was in line. They told me they to were waiting for tickets but decided to wait inside the Burger King across the street since they were the only one. Then at 10:30, the lovely Mariana came and waited with me for she too was excited to get tickets. I was getting anxious to see that the line would surely get humongous any time now.

It never did.

In fact by 11:15, Mariana and I decided to go warm up and get coffee. We got back at 11:45 and only 2 more people came.

By the time the box office opened I think we were a total of 10 people. On the bright side I did manage to get the correct amount of tickets I needed.

I may have waited in the cold for no apparent reason but I'm GOING TO SEE FRANZ FERDINAND AND DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE! WOOT WOOT!


Billy Ruffian said...

Cold air blows.


Mariana said...

I am also excited, and I enjoyed the hanging out (even though it was cold).


Glen said...

Nice dude. I wish I was in Montreal so I could go see the concert. On the brightside, I'm going to try to get Juno tickets.

Budman said...

The Juno's! That's AWESOME! Maybe The Arcade Fire and Wokf Parade will play there live! On the other hand most likely so will Nickelback...