Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh lucky lucky me!

I just finished my Shortcuts for MAC OS X for my Computer Techniques class. Literally. I'm still in the classroom right now. We were given a sheet in class of useful shortcuts to use on the computer. basically i had to memorize the two columns - The actual shortcut keys, and what they do. I think I did really well. I answered all the questions, looked over it twice adn was still the first one to hand it in. I don't know how anyone could fail such a quiz for not only did the prof put a few answers on the board right before the quiz, he also repeated the 2 of the questions twice on the same page. Plus most of the time the only word I had to fill in for the shortcuts was 'command'.

In the sae class, I actually had a tiny assignment for today which I completely forgot about and had to rush to complete it throughout the course of the day. I came in today feeling good, sat down and Amelie next to me says "did you finish the pictures?". Realizing I had no idea what she was talking about, I later found out we were supposed to aquire 15 photos for 5 different catagories (nature, cities, textures, people and objects) for a grand total of 75 pictures! I crammed it in during all my breaks. When I was told that it took others over an hour to finish I was worried I was done for. thankfully (and luckily) I finished my work in the previous class early and was allowed to leave, so I had well over an hour to finish what I had left (I had already comepleted 3/5 of it during my 30 minute lunch break).

Well class has started again...

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