Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Hallmark Day

Hooray it's Valentines Day (boo!). Actually, I woke up feeling bitter but realized there is no reason why I should feel that way and it wouldn't do any good to be mean to others. If anything, I'd just look like the bad guy. So I changed my 'tude and decided to go about it like any other day. I worked today and discovered that Valentines Day is a lot like Christmas. People run to the stores to get gifts for their loved ones at the LAST minute. At least during christmas the last minute is christmas eve since all the stores are closed on christmas day. For Valentines, however, you can by gifts until 9pm the DAY OF!. Nothing says "I love you!" then something bought on the way to seeing you! The gifts women usually get on this day are roses and chocolates, but apperently, for men it's boxer shorts with hearts on them. Well thats what the girlfriends think their boyfriends want since every second person I served at cash today bought a pair. Attention ladies, your boyfriends want SOMETHING else! (Oh Right - Giggidy Giggidy!)

When I was first put on cash I thought the cash I had was dying. First it was making a lot of weird noise (which I later found out was from a jammed paper), then it was spweing out 10% discounts left, right and center. See, every once in a while, the cash randomnly beeps and then prints out information for access to an online survey which as a reward for filling out gives the customer a 10% off coupon to be used in the store. Normally, I'd get 1 or 2 in a 9 hour shift. Today I got 5 in 30 minutes! One person even got the 10% off while RETURNING something! Turns out the company incresed the chances of getting it and now almost every second customer wins 10$ off. Hooray for the customers (boo!) because now I need to repeat the same schpeel all the time!

For those of you inrelationships I hope you get smothered in gifts. For those not in trelationships I hope you get smothered in gifts (bought by yourself of course) and got out and meet other people! Since i have school early in the morning, I can't even go out celebrate being single, so if your in the same position of not being able to go out, read my blog and drop me a line!

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