Thursday, March 09, 2006

Adventure #6735 in a series

Well this morning was interesting. Interesting enough to write a blog post about it at least. This morning, like every weekday morning, I ook the bus and metro to school. Like always, I was listening to nice relaxing music (Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brngs the Flood - HIGHLY recommended) and taking a nap so squeeze in some more sleep before class. Usually I wake up when we reach Lionel-Groulx since I need to switch in order to get to Atwater. This time, however, I opened my eyes just in time to see the stop move away. No problem, I calmly waited until George-Vanier and then swapped sides, waited 5 minutes and returned to Lionel-Groulx. I got out and crossed to the green line. What felt like an hour later, the metro finally shows up. I anxiously enter and sit down. We take off and all diorder has now been claimed to order... until I hear on the speakers "Prochain station CHARLEVOIX"!?! So then I got off and swapped yet AGAIN direction to get back to Lionel Groulx. Once there I was JUST about to get off when I glanced at the subway map and realized I was now on the right line in the right direction and sailed on through to Atwater. So if anyone wants to know if the metro system is running well, yes it's working fine...


Anonymous said...

Ouch, that reminds me of the time when I first used the OCtranspo (and no, we don't have divorces, drug use and sexy sexy people on the OC...transpo) here in Ottawa. Instead of getting on the 95 Orleans bound east (I live on the far eastern extremity of Ottawa) I got on the 95 Fallowfield West and went to the extreme western extremity of Ottawa. A 30 minute bus ride became 2 and a half hours.

Ouch. And I mean Ouch. Worst 17 year old mistake, EVER.

I'm at school, so it won't leave my Blog address.

-Owen (C.I.A.)

Billy Ruffian said...

Budman, I've got a story that will blow this one away.

Read it at your peril.