Sunday, March 05, 2006

The coolest Gala that never happened

I havn't had the chance to update my blog on a regular basis so I"m trying to catch up on things I missed out on writing about even though they happened a few weeks ago.

Back in february, my brother called me up and informed me that he won tickets to a Gala event at the Ritz-Carlton hosted by MIKE FM 105.1. MIKE FM is a radio station that plays rock music but is broadcating only a few hours a day on a Greek radio station channel. My brother likes them quite a bit and was excited to win these tickets. He had told me that it was going to be a party with food and lots of people and there was goign to be a chance to win all these crazy prizes: A trip to Cancun, a car, a diamond ring, or 50 000$ shopping spree at a diamond store. It sounded like a really cool party. I was really excited to go. I even dressed up all nice at work for I had no time to change in order not to be late.

However, the night wasn't as cool as is COULD have been. Yes, it was at the Ritz, but the room was quite small. Yes, there were people, bu everyone stayed in their own group. Yes, there was food, but only 3 kinds of Hors-D'euves. Yes there were prizes to be won, but only 1 of the 4 prizes was given away. We played a reverse draw where everyone had a card and if you're card was picked you were OUT of the game.The last card holder then had to choice to win ONE of the 4 big prizes. He/she had to pick cards out of bags and when 5 of the same card was picked, the prize on the card was won. Of course, the woman who had the chance to win one for the big prizes got the least expensive prize (diamong ring) but it was still a nice gift. Just seemed kind of like a jip.

All in all, I thought it had potential to be a really cool party, had it had more food and more people and a more livelier atmospehere rather than the cramped, jagged feeling I did have.

Here are some highlights of the night:

"This is going to be the coolest party ever..."

Dan, Rachel and I - Enjoying the free wine

They had a Mountie officially count the deck of cards

Which is the lucky card?

"Five of Diamonds. It's a sign of good luck!"

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