Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Deadly Passage

Saturday night I was invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner in Hudson... DUN DUN DUNNN!!!!It was a really good time.
We were all given characters and had to dressed up. The story takes place on a Millionaire's cruise ship near the Galapagos Islands in 1928. The millionaire got interested in Peruvian Artifacts and had invited a bunch of Guests on board his Cruise. While in the ocean, he made an announcement to marry his secretary who is 30 years younger than him. Then shortly afterwards, he was KILLLED! We then had a book which had questions and answers to be said during the night, slowly unfolding the tale. At the end of dinner, we then discussed and revealed who the killer was.
The players were:

Chris Dye as Captain Scerdilidas Konstantinopoulos (the host)

Arvind as Senor Raoul Alvarado (the Peruvian ambassador)

Nikki as Augusta Bold (the head housekeeper)

Noelle as Simon Decree (the attorney)

Maryam as Amanda Goldman (the daughter)

Ken as Edwin Goldman (the son)

Adrienne as Sarah Jones (the secretary)

Jillian as Camillia Perez (the archaeologist)

Andrew as Arthur Seat (the observer)

Dan Beirne as Dan Beirne (the Dan)

[Both Dan and Andrew were not characters in the actual game. Dont' get fooled like me... Only Andrew came dressed up although he didn't need too.]

And myself as William Cruise (the adventurer)
(I didn't know but Chris had sent out a list of the descriptions for everyone's costumes. I came dressed up as a cross between The Crocodile Hunter and Nick Fury when I SHOULD have worn a light pale buttoned shirt, a straw hat and lots of flashy jewlery. I guess I wasn't THAT off..... yeah....)

The evening was full of eating


and Dan dancing

Fianlly towrds the end of the night, we discovered that the killer no other then....

Apperently, the nurse did it because she was in love with the millionaire and took care after him when his wife died btu when she foudn out he had fallen in love with the young hot secretary she got extrememely jealous. So jealous, in fact, that she used a Perusian dagger artifact.

The whole night was a lot of fun. I eneded up crashing over but unfortunately needed to get to work for 12pm. I was trying to convince Arvind to drive me since I had no idea where I was and how to leave Hudson. Arvind was trying to get me to call in sick so he wouldn't have to drive me all the way to Fairview mall and back. I just felt uncomfortable with lying and finally convinced him to give me a lift to work. Once there, I discovered that for some strange reason they had asked a lot of employees to work the same day. So in fact, we were like 11 people when we're normally 5 or 6. I totally could have caled in sick and it wouldn't have made a difference in the store at all.


dustin said...

Cool pictures. I like all the costumes, Arvind's mustachio especially.

Sean said...

haha - dan is always so great in photos. he's totally Gatsby there.

Billy Ruffian said...


Damn man, now that's something I have to try in the near to far future.

The Hek said...

That is awesome! But why does Chris look so sad?

Budman said...

He's not sad, he's SUAVE!