Thursday, March 02, 2006


This Friday (March 3rd) at 12pm all the way to Saturday (March 4th), McGill Improv will be having it's 6th annual 24 Hour Improv show!

This year we're pulling all the stops! There will be prizes (from a 25$ gift certificate to the COMPLETE 6th season DVD set of Dawson's Creek). There will be special guests:

All the way from Ottawa (and the third place winner of the Montreal Improv Summit), the CIA - Carlton Improv Association (I tried searching them on Google and only my OWN website came up...) will be entertaining us from 6-7.

The Montreal famous Without Annette will be following the CIA afterwards at 7-8pm.

On saturday at 11pm, The SSMU president will be joining us on stage AND there will be free bagels to munch on!

Every other hour there will be some crazy theme! After 3am, there will be LOCKDOWN! No one comes in and no one comes out.. and all the performers become ANIMALS! (No really, that's our theme this year). There will also be a bake sale going on.

The whole thing costs 3$ (5$ for non-students) and entitles you to come and go a much as needed within the 24 hours. All the money raised will be going to charity. AND, for every dollar raised, the ever kind people at Gap Inc. (Parent company of Old Navy, where I work) will match every dollar!

So if you missed out on Nuit Blanche last week, here's another chance to be entertained ALL NIGHT LONG, get NO sleep and free breakfast!

Here's the poster I made for the event:

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