Sunday, March 26, 2006

It Is A Small World

I'm sure during sometime of your life, you've been really good friends with someone and then due to some reason lost touch with them and always wondered what happened to them? Well I did. My friend's name was Angie. I had met her during the summer of 1999 when I was called in to work at a day camp I used to work in and pulled in a favor when they had asked me to help since they were short staffed. That week I actually met her sister first, who I immediately had a crush on. I treated the situtation with way too much insight that things never surfaced but I ended up getting to know Angie in the process. I had found out that she was at McGill in her last year and I was starting McGill in september. Although she was a couple of years older than me, we hung out quite a bit that year. I always enjoyed her company but felt that I ruined it a bit because I was in my "I have a crush on every girl" stage of my life. When we did stuff I'd always hope for more but on the other hand never did anything to show my feelings for her because I was always so afraid.

Then one day I really messed things up. I needed a date for Semi Formal because I was told that everyone brings a date. I mustered the courage to call her up and she picked up. Before I could say anything she said she was on the phone with someone else and that she didn't want to keep HIM waiting. Hearing that for some weird reason freaked me out, so I said "oh ok" and said my goodbyes. Thinking that HIM must be a guy she is either into or going out with (to this day I don't know WHY I would think that), I then immediately called my runner up girl and invited her to be my date, and she said yes. While I was asking girl #2 to be my date, however, Angie called me back to find out what I wanted. I ended up laughing a lot, at the situtaion of having 2 girls on the phone at the same time, and made some excuse about why I called, bever mentioning the fact I had a crush on Angie or wanting her to be my date for a party. She sounded extremely weirded out and I never her from her again. I tried calling her back but I always had to leave a message and never got a call back. It could be just a coincidence and she just got busy or I freaked her out so much that she jsut didn't want to talk to me anymore. I being me, thought it was the latter and hated myself for a while for acting so childish.

Over the years I bumped into her once or twice here and there but never long enough to say more than "hi". I've always wondered what had happened to her. That all changed today.

Today at Old Navy, I saw someone looking at pants and I went up to her from beind. I said "Bonjour, Hi" and the person turned around, and it was Angie. My first reaction was confusion. I guess I was just taken so aback from seeing someone I hadn't seen in a long time. She, on the other hand, seemed really excited. She shook my hand and started to ask me all kinds of questions. She kept reapeting "Wow it's such a small small world" over and over again. She told me thigns about herself and I was so happy to hear things were really working out for her. I always admired her and had hoped things would work out for her when I knew her in my McGill days since she used to worry a lot about things. Her cell phone started to ring adn she was so caught up in our converstation that she kept telling me she was going to ignore the call. Finally, she said "I better go, he has a temper and he's waiting in the car", and she left.

I had told her that over the years I was had tried to contact her via e-mail but it never worked. She told me it was because McGill changed their e-mail system but her address was still her name @ the new mcgill system. That being said, I potentially have a way of contacting her. The big question is - should I? On one hand I would love to catch up with her properly and see how things are. I always felt like our friendship died prematurely. I'd also like to show her the kind of person I have become since when we used to hang out. On the other had, I feel like to start calling someone from out of the blue is like invading their life. She's probably got a boyfriend, a whole new set of friends, a weekly routine, etc. It would probably feel weird for out of the blue, some guy from her past starts contacting her again. That is why I didnt ask fer directly if she wanted to get together some day. Who knows, perhaps I'll see her again at Old Navy some day...

My question fellow readers, is what are you thoughts? What would you do?


Anonymous said...

Norm says take a chance.

In the worst case, your attempt
to rebuild a friendship falls flat;
in the best case, ... who knows?

Billy Ruffian said...

Well buddy, here's what I think. You're worried about sticking your nose into her life and all that when she probably has new friends and all that, while your respect for her privacy and new routine is admirable, don't let it keep you from reconnecting.

I think you can keep up with someone you were once close to without stepping on her toes or being obtrusive. What's wrong with an email here or there? A phone call to wish a happy birthday or national holiday?

If she responds, or heaven knows, initiates contact on her own, then you've got a solid connection and if it feels good to stay in touch... well... stay in touch.

dustin said...

You should definitely contact her. It's like Norm says: you have nothing to lose, and possibly some good times to gain.

The Hek said...
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The Hek said...

I think you should contact her.

Send her an e-mail and invite her out for some coffee, just to catch up. If she says "yes," cool; and if it's "no," at least you tried. Worst thing she can do is say "no." Good luck.

Billy Ruffian said...

Hey Buddy, we'd love to have ya. Of course, all arrangements should also be communicated to my team captain, that's Noel, just so we're all clear and what not. Plus, he's a good direction giver.

Lady Jesslyn said...

Send her an email. Even if she isn't looking for a relationship at least you'll gain a friend.

Budman said...

For the record, I did e-mail her and it bounced back. So I made an effort and search for her e-mail address on the McGill database. I"m certain this time I had the write e-mail address and i"ve had no response. Whatever. Thanks for all the positive suggestions guys!