Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fun Times in T DOT O DOT

It's been a few days since I've been back but I've been busy (a.k.a lazy).

Friday marked the last day of classes for my first semester of Graphic Design school. WOOHOO! I think I kicked ass in everything and I'm really enjoying it. I had only one class on friday and it ended early. When we were done the prof asked us "So, you're done you're all of your courses. What are you going to do now on your week off?". No one answered, so I yelled out "Lets go DRINKING!" My McGill roots showing wildly. Long story short, I ended up at Mad Hatters with the cool kids in my class.

After a few beers I met up briefly with the awesomely cool Mariana (Gentlemen she's single...), caught up with what was going on until my phone rang. It wa smy mom telling me to hurry to the train station because there was some sort of protest happening in Belleville that could affect the trains. SO I sai dmy good byes and ran over to the train station to find otu my mom was completely right and the train line to Toronto had been blocked by the Native Indians in Ontario as a protest against something. So I had to take a bus to Toronto instead of a train.

I ended up sitting next to some crazy art chick in her 30's. I was just reading amagazine until I notced her reading over my shoulder, which prompted us to talk. As much as it was interesting to talk to her (she even showed me some of her cool art stuff on her mac laptop and even let me show her MY art stuff from my USB), she just souldn't stop talking. I couldn't even take a nap. Even with my eyes closed it took a while to get her to stop (I'm I like this???). Anyways, I could have been next to someone way worse, plus she was nice to talk to and she even gave me her e-mail adress, although she mentioned a husband and I didn't see a ring on her finger so I'm kind of afraid to e-mail her...

I got into Toronto at 11pm (2 hours than expected). My brother picked me up and after a quick bite out I was in his apartment with his ever so lovely wife, Connie and his adorable sone, Charles who is only 14 months old.

The weather was really shitty and all I did when I was there was go shopping and see lots of family , which was both fun and exciting.

Saturday, I went to Centerpoint mall with my bro and then we went to a Procter and Gamble warehouse sale where they had all kinds of things on sale. There was toothpaste, perfume, make up, hair dye, cleaning products and even computer games. I'm not a big computer game kind of guy but my brother convinced me to check out the selstion and I ended up buying XIII for 10$. I've been playing it a bit since I've been back and the fact the it even works on my computer makes it a fucking cool game. Besides that fact, it IS a fucking cool game. It's a Doom, first shooter type game in comic bok style with a Bourne Identity style storyline and the best thing about it... wait for it... is that one of the characters is voiced by ADAM WEST.

Saturday night, we went out for dinner with my cousin Lori and her daughter Corina. I had an amazing plate of linguini in brandy rose sauce with red snapper. HMM HMMM!

After dinner, Mark and I went to watch The Sentinal which was a fun movie to watch but nothing great. It was kind of week in plot especialy near the end. There was a bit of a "He's really a bad guy" kind of story line going on at the end but I figured out who it could be well at the beginning of the movie. Definitely a rental.

Sunday morning I had breakfast with my aunt and uncle who live out there and then went back to my brothers apartment where we grabbed Connie and Charles and headed over to Chapters. That kid LOVES looking at books. He can't read or even understand what abook is yet but he just has a fascination looking at so many books! It was like he found a giant cave loaded with treasure.

The afternoon was spent in a few malls and the evening was spent having dinner with my other cousin Lori from my dad's side of the family. She's getting married in October so it was fun to tlak to her for a while, especially since I hadn't seen her since before I moved to Australia.

Monday morning I actually took the metro to the train station. Tha was funtastic.
Five hours later I was home safe and sound and played XIII for a few hours!

Overall a good weekend indeed.

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