Sunday, April 02, 2006

Knights Of the Oblong

Who would have thought - Two dress up parties in one month...
Tonight I attended a Medieval Times party at my friend Norm's girlfriend Hana'a place. We had to all dress up, were given a story and special powers and had to talk to other characters and, if need be, challenge them. If challenged you would have to play a rock-paper-scissors type game of tiger-hunter-hippy, where the hunter kills the tiger, the hippy beats the hunter and tiger eats the hippy.
There were many different kinds of characters and costumes. Hana was King Arthur and Norm was Morgain, Arthur's sister (wig, breasts and all...). I went as a knight/barbarian. I had a vikingsd helmut, a sword, an axe and an eye patch. My background was that I lived in a small village that specialized in Bonzai plants. I was at war with a dragon named Trogdor. I ended up improvising the rest of the night which led to:
-getting one Knight to talk peace to Trogdor on my behalf
-Selling my bonzai plants to a drawf in return of a spell stone
-Giving my spell stones to Trogdor in return of peace
-Joining King Arthur's knights of the round table
-Unvoluntarily seducing another knight and then conceiving a child
-Asking a lady's hand in love only to be rejected
-Killing myself due to said objection
-Being ressurected as a dragon by Merlin the Magician
-Using my seduction spell to bring back the dead Morgain who then became now my corpse bride
-Having my dead bride be turned into a frog by Merlin the Magician

All in all I had a great time.

Here is a pic of everyone:
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Billy Ruffian said...

Dah! Some warrior/barbarians have all the fun/luck, you're lucky I'm the mellow/unbalanced type who would certainly not drive out to slay you/stay home and read comic books and then plot a crazy pancake potluck/revenge scheme.

But that's just me.

Ahh, madlibs.

Seriously though Buddy, that sounds like a high ol' time. Are fancy dress, role-playing parties in style in Montreal right now?

When you come down to Ottawa, can you bring some of your Mom's rocking sandwiches?

Budman said...

Owen , I just got informed that I can't get my dad's car after all. SO no road trip. Actually, no one from McGill improv got back to me/was available to come, so unfortunatley we won't be there and therefore neither will my mom's sandwiches. I hope you guys rock and maybe I can make it out to Ottawa on my own and spend the weekend and we can get shitfaced sometime in the future.

Billy Ruffian said...


Oh well. I'll communicate that to the others.

Noel and I are pretty much the only ones with permanent residence in Ottawa this summer, however, I'm the only one with an abundance of spare rooms. If you and a fellow McGiller would like to come down, just give me a couple of days notice and I'll get it set up. I wouldn't mind heading up there for a weekend or so to see all you crazy cats.

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Mariana said...

Josh you are such a NYERD! Ok, I'm just jealous.

I want to hear about the Dirty Show!

Also, about Ottawa: the national tournament of the games that are happening this week in Montreal are happening next week in Ottawa. So I would *totally* be down for an Ottawa trip some afternoon/evening next week (Like, the 12th to the 15th). I think there are workshops and other Improv things that go on as well as the evening competition. I would of course chip in for gas, and bring cookies/road snacks.

The 15th is Franz Ferdinand!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me the of the village where they care about bonzai?
I have one and I do not know how to care. I live in Ottawa.