Friday, April 28, 2006

Adventure #6474 in a series

I was working tonight at Old Navy and they had placed me in the fitting room section of the store. While I was there, I recognized a customer. Turns out she had attended the Emanuelle Shreikee, shabbat dinner way back in March and had sat with her boyfirend (I'm guessing that's who he was) at the same table as my friends and I. After her and her friend had tried on some clothes and decided to leave, she comes up to me and told me her birthday is saturday night and INVITED me to attend her party. The weird thing is it wasn't an invite to soem house party or a bar it was an invite to a dinner at a restaurant. I don't know a thing about this person except that she is Jewish and he name is Maanyan.

IU'm not sure if I'll go or not. My friends thought she was kind of crazy when we met her at the shabbat dinner, but I'm alway sdown for randomness. I mean, thats how I ended up in Australia. Had I not randomnly bumped into those Irish chicks I never would have looked into SWAP.

I guess it all depends on how I feel on saturday since tomorrow night I'm going to ALL YOU CAN PLAY LASER TAG at Lazer Quest!. It's from Midnight to 6am and I'm heading there with my good buddy Norm and even my friend/boss Mike from Old Navy might show up with some of his friends. As long as there aren't too many people there that we have to wait a lot to play, it's going to ROCK! if I'm not too tired, then I'll hit up that dinner party. Should I go?

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Billy Ruffian said...

Irish Chicks?


Sounds dirty.

Naw, that invitation seems suspicious man. This is definitely a situation where you send in your stunt double, or the eager rookie with everything to prove.