Monday, April 10, 2006


This weekend was pretty interesting so I thought I'd rant about it.

Thursday (yes in my world the weekend costitutes anyday of the week that I feel like including) I had lunch with the very lovely Nadine Alby. It was good catching up with her after not seeing her for over a month. We go way back to the ol' chem days.

Friday I had a really fun class. For my final project in Creativity, we have to make a self portrait using any materials we want. My prof convinced me to buy a toy and cover it in playdo to make it resemble me. The toy I'm using as a mold is Jack Skeleton from A Nightmare Before Christmas because he is made long and thin (like me). So I basically spent 4 hours playing with playdo and listening to some tunes on my cd player.

Friday night I joined the very lovely Mariana Vial and among other people made our way to St Thomas High School in Pointe Claire to volunteer for the Montreal edition of the Canadian Improv games. The competition which involves high school teams battle it out on stage, was a lot of fun to watch. The little guys have a lot of positive energy. I also enjoyed seeing the poster I created all over the school and finding out that my name was printed into the panflet at "Josh Posterguy" since the organizer, Dave, had forgotten my name.

Saturday was spent inside school working on a project. I finally escaped from my prison and made way to the surface to meet up with Shing. we ended up in China Town and had some good ol' All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet. the food was mediocre but the company was priceless.

Following dinner, I ended up at a house party celebrating the end of the CIG games. It was a party filled with beer, music and Super Smash Brothers Melee! Very interesting indeed...

Sunday was work day but was fun as always.

I guess what I am really excited for is this weekend. On Wednesday, Passover begins. Thrusday, my brother and his family are coming to stay with us. I have a 3 day weekend since I have no school on friday and no work on sunday all because of Easter. Then saturday night is the Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab for Cutie concert!


Billy Ruffian said...

Happy Passover!

Oh, tbe final show of the season was a tip-top-tacular splendi-feration of enjoyment and mirth.

I'll post something up on the ol' blog when I ain't so busy getting my 4th year classes settled out and the studying eases off.

I hope you might consider a trip down to Ottawa once your exams are over. I can't promise anything, but I might have my arm twisted sufficiently to visit, if there's someone to do the twisting that is.

If you'd like to visit the capital, give me a few days notice to secure sleeping arrangements and then come on down!

The Hek said...

CIG? I did that once.

Anyway, I talked about the show on my latest entry.

Passover is this Wednesday? Uh oh. That might be a problem for me.

Lady Jesslyn said...

Can someone explain to me what passover is? I'm Aussie so have no idea what it is! Passover in Australia would be something like: "mate, can ya passover another beer?" (sorry)

Budman said...

Have you ever seen the Ten Commandments? They show it every year on tv around this time.

Billy Ruffian said...

Ohhh... this is why I love australians...

Lady Jesslyn said...

Okay cool. I googled it and now i know all about passover. Do you do anything special for passover?

Glen said...

I can't believe the guy forgot the name "Budman"! I could understand forgetting Josh and putting "Guy Budman" in the leaflet but Budman? C'mon!!!!