Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going aways are sad...

Last night I attended a pot luck that was held in honor of the 5 McGill Improv members that are all moving away this summer. Not only are we losing 5 members, but between them and the others who are all busy, and the fact that we don't have that many new members, the team is pretty much falling apart.

None the less. My time with this group as a whole has been fantastic and last night was loads of fun. The unplanned theme was pizza since Andrew made pizzas, Nikki bought a pizza and I brought frozen pizza pockets. Mariana made some really cool vegy foods and apperently King Kevin Casey made an amazing keish. I don't like keish so I"ll just have to take everyone elses word.

After dinner the gifts were passed out to the Leavers, Mariana, Ilya, Gil, Andrew and Ken. Bryan had handed them all copies of their list of shows they perfomed in over the years. I had slaved over 8 hours making a photocollage on my computer which everyone loved and the non-leaves even want me to make a copy for them. Finally Adrienne handing out specially made t-shits to the 5 people going away. They all loved them.

It's sad they 5 more of my friends are leaving Montreal but at least most of them are stil here for a couple of more months.

For pictures of the night, click HERE!


Glen said...

T-Shits!!! Hahahahaha...

Billy Ruffian said...

Hey Josh. As you know, I'm the Assistant Captain of the Carleton Improv Association now, so I'll be liasing with you guys for next year's Vaganza and Summit.

I feel your pain man. We lose Noel, Eric and Will going into next year and if we didn't have such great recruiting like we did this year the team would definitely be defunked.

Mariana said...

Have I mentioned that you rule?

You rule!

I love how in the t-shirt pictures, everyone has a big happy smile on their face except for Ken, who kind of looks like he's actually saying "I'm right!".

Patricia said...

Hi Josh!!!

Bored at work on a Saturday so I'm checking out the blog, glad to see you're still keeping it up :)

Btw, I'm curious, does Keish=quiche?