Wednesday, June 09, 2004

BBQ + Tam Tam = Great Weekend

Although it was 4 days ago, I had a great summer weekend. Saturday night was a good old fashion BBQ infront of an apartment. We ate food, drank beer and watched the hockey game. Too bad the Flames lost the cup (2 days later), but I've never really been a hockey fan so it didn't really hurt me or anything. After the BBQ, my night just didn't seem to end. And hit St. Laurent and ended up at Frappe. There, I bumped into a bunch of random peoeple I knew from school, including that same chick from Cafe Campus and Biftek (see previous posts). It was her last night in Montreal ever (yay!) but she pulled the "I'm going to go over here now" move (boo!). Two shots of scotch and a pitcher of really nasty tasting unknown beer I ended up at 2$ chow mein again (notice a the trend?) and then back at Biftek. There I bumped into a couple of guys I knew from Frosh who were heckling any women walking by. I had fun watching them make fools of themselves but they weren't really acknowledging my prescence so I left and went to bed.

The next morning, I got up at 12pm and ended up at the Tam Tams at around 2pm. Every sunday people head over to Mont Royal and just chill out. People sell things (mostly hand made stuff or things made out of hemp like hacky sacks or used for hemp like pipes), some play drums and others play hacky sack or just tan in the sun. Some people even use it as a reason to smoke up. I ended up walking up the mountain along it's main trail for the first time in my life after living here all life. It took a good 2 hours to walk up and down. We took a shortcut on the way down by cutting through the trees but you can tell it's been done over and over again since all the grass is missing. I then hung out with some friends and just layed down on the grass and stared at the sky for about an hour. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I recommend you do it sometime. Just lie on your back on the grass on a nice sunny day and just stare at the sky.

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Anonymous said...

"I recommend you do it sometime. Just lie on your back on the grass on a nice sunny day and just stare at the sky."

I've done that waaaaay too many times. I've got to get less relaxed and focus on work! Although, I haven't done it in Washington yet for various reasons:
1. Not much grass
2. Weird crawling and flying things (that do not include cockroaches) all over the place and are too different from the grass bugs in Vancouver or Florida.
3. Cockroaches and garbage all over the place.

I've actually walked up that mountain many times, including one night with a girl from Manitoba that I met on the street when there was a whole bunch of snow. I knew I should have asked for a second date or for a phone number... why didn't I? I'll never see her again... Oh well, as they say in Montreal, that is the "c'est la vie".