Saturday, June 19, 2004

WHAT THE....?!?!

Ultra Freaky Ass Mini Post: All day yesturday there was a spot on my arm that was very itchy, possibly from a bug bite. When I got home my mom told me to go look in the top drawer in the bathroom to look for something to relief me of the icthing sensation. I open the drawer, start looking around, moving things and finally, WAY in the back, hidden behind other stuff, like my parents' toothbrushes and things, I discovered a giant tube of KY Jelly. This really freaked me out because I know my parents aren't hosting girl on girl wrestling matches in a kiddie pool filled with lubricant (à la Old School). I'm pretty sure the plumbing on my parents don't work anymore but with viagara and similar dugs these days, who knows... Please God, tell me I'm wrong!


Andrew said...

You may be comforted (if no less disgusted) to know that KY Jelly has a whole host of mundane, non-sex-related uses. For instance, facilitating enemas ("douchebaggery", if you prefer). Pick up a tube and read the back of it, some day. It's really quite fascinating... *shudder*

Anonymous said...

i love you

-your mom

Anonymous said...

You're just pissed off because we're getting more action than you are.

- your dad