Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Convocation Part Deux: Graduation with a Vengeance!

Last thursday was the big day. I graduated from McGill University with an honours in chemistry. The ceremony was held outdoors on the McGill campus. They weather wasn't so great. It was pretty dull outside and down poured near then end of the ceremony but only for a few minutes. It wasn't as nice as it was for the faculty of management, they had theirs held on a beautiful sunny day, but it surely was better than the weather that the faculty of engineering had. The ceremony may have been long but it was held in the most pimped-out tent I have ever been in. There were lights, fans and giant movie screens for those who couldn't see the stage from far. I got to sit next to my buddy Glen so that wasn't so bad. The whole ceremony lasted about 2 and a half hours. Afterwards, there was a small party at Otto Maass, the chemistry building. It was fun but my brother Lorne happened to borrow a video camera and became "that annoying relative with the video camera in your face saying things like 'Quick! Do that again but in front of the camera!'" After the party I ended up at a kosher restaurant for dinner with my family. I had the general tao chicken and it was delicious!

My night then began for I left my family, went back to the apartment and chenged into more comfortable clothes to await my guests for a small party. I had a case of beer and about 15 people showed up. We then made our way to Biftek (a.k.a The Biffer) and I had a great time. At the end of the night I helped myself to 2$ chow mein that is located on Pins and St Laurent. It's so cheap and tasted so good when you're drunk.

That night also marked a night that I can finally say I went home with a girl. That is, I friend of mine who happens to be female needed a place to sleep and she came over to use the couch. Hey, whatever thoughts come to mind when the words "I went home with a girl", I am not responsible for.

Congradulations to Chemsitry Class of 2003-2004!

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