Monday, June 14, 2004

Becoming One with my Feminine Side?

After being bugged by my friend Madeline (a.k.a Mad-Dog) for several days, I allowed her to do my nails. I didn't have the guts to let her do my finger nails but at least with my toes, I can cover them up with socks. She did them very creatively and made a special pattern or symbol on each toe. On my right foot she did a spider web, a spider, a flower and two creative designs while on my left foot she did sparkles, a clover, a creative looking B and two more creative patterns. I think it's kind of cool. My mom on the other hand does not. She came in my room and started to complain how messy my room is when all of a sudden she stopped talking. I turned to see why and all I see is her looking down at my toes and then at me. Immediately my mom says "what did yo do to your toes?!?! Scrape it off!!". I didn't think she'd care. Boy was I ever wrong. She was all "what happened?!?!". "My friend wanted to paoint my nails so I let her". Then my mom adds "You better not be turning gay!!! Or else!!" I don't know what's worse, thinking I'm gay because I have nail polish on my toe nails or the fact she threatened me to never become gay. For a good five minutes my mom just couldn't understand why I let someone paint my nails. I'm almost certain she thought I was kidnapped and forced to get it done because she kept acting like I've been subjected to some sort of crime or something. She also gave the typical "wait until your father see's this!". Good thing my father doesn't pay attention to most things because he walked in and out of my room several times and didn't mention a word. Then my mom came back in my room to put away my laundry just as I was taking the pictures of my toes. She looked at me, said "Joshua, you're embarrasing", and walked out.
My mom is pissed.

What a funny coincidence, but when I got home from the gym I ended up watching a movie on the digital TV we get. Out of all the movies to watch the same day I get my nails done for the first time, of course I had to end up watching Sorority Boys. Big laughs it aint, but I found it quite amusing. Basically, three guys get framed of stealing from the frat house they are part of known as KOK. They soon realize inside the frat is a tape that could have evidence that they are innocent. Their plan is then to infultrate the house by showing up as women which of course backfires, leaving them hopeless infront of a sorority. The rest of the movie is just how they live in the sorority and become more feminine while also trying to get the tape from the frat house. At one point two of the guys dressed as girls get into a fight and start yielding dildos they find like swords. The main chick even starts to fall in love with the main guy who's pretending to be a chick and all of sudden she's all lesbo, meanwhile she can't stand the guy when he's really a guy. In the end, the guy admits to being a guy and not a girl and after a brief moment of being pissed, the main chick eventually goes for the guy. This isn't the first time I've seen this. Does this really work? Well thankfully my mom only saw me with painted nails and not in women's underwear.

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Glen said...

I think you now need to get in touch with someone else's feminine side.