Friday, June 18, 2004

International Producer

Last night I had one hell of a time. After work, I met up with some people and played ultimate frisbee for about an hour. It was a lot of fun. Once we were done, I headed over to the Fringe Fest, the alternative theater festival that is held every year. The show I went to see was called Pilk's Madhouse. It was supposed to be a comedy and was pegged as being "Monty Python meets Quentin Tarantino". All in all the show was fucked up but none-the-less funny and I still recommend it, especially if you go stoned.

After the show I ended up at the apartment, made Kraft Dinner for supper and then recieved a phone call from my buddy Sam. He invited me out for a nice relaxing evening of drinking beer at some bar on St. Laurent since there the street is all closed off for the St. Laurent Street Sale until sunday. We ended up meeting up with another good friend of mine, Joe, and went to two bars that night - Miami and Biftek. At Miami I ran into my buddy Greg and a bunch of his friends. Then after a few pitchers of beer, headed over to Biftek. The thing that made the night so enjoyable (and possibly nights to come) is the rumor that Sam created all of a sudden then last time I went out with him. He's concocted this story that I'm not just Joshua Budman, but in fact Joshua Budman: The International Producer of Ambient Trance Music. Originally, I didn't know what I produced, Same was just introducing me to people by saying "You don't know Joshua Budman, the INTERNATIONAL PRODUCER?" Finally someone asked what I produced. My first answer was porn, but that didn't go over very well, so it finally evolved into ambient trance music. That makes as much sense as does Cold Fussion since ambient music is laid back and slow while trance is up beat and fast. Anyways, I'm beginning to enjoy the faux title a bit too much. On the way home after the bars last night I ran into some random people and on e of them thought I was someone else. I told them they were mistaking me for someone else and her friends also agreed (they were all stoned by the way) but then I said "Don't you know who I am? I'm Joshua Budman, the international producer of ambient trance hip-hop" and one of them was all "really??". I said "no I'm just kidding." Then the lost interest in me so I left and went home. I think I'm going to keep this thing going on for while, you never know where it can lead me. So people, keep your eyes open for my latest production to hit the underground section at the local music stores in the near future.

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