Sunday, June 06, 2004


This is it. Last thursday I switched from undergraduate-hood to gratuate-hood. Yes, thats right, I graduated from university. I know it's scary, I'm scared too. All of last week was pretty hectic, leading up to convocation. At the beginning of the week my mom started to get all freaky and repeatedly kept saying "oh look at my son! He's all grown up!". Tuesday night, after work, I decided to skip going home and hearing that for the eleventy billionth time and headed to Cafe Campus instead for their retro music night. It was a great time. It marked the first time going to Cafe Campus on a tuesday night that was not involved in some organized party affiliated with SUS, the science undergraduate society of mcgill university. I ended up drinking quite a bit. Once my friends and I got there we bumped into people we knew who gave us free drinks for going to graduate. Then, up on the dance floor, things got wild. I bumped into that girl I mentioned about in a previous post and all my friends were like "go for her dude!". I ended up hanging out with her group of friends but no dice, she was grinding with another guy. Oh well. Then, sometime during the night, I was walking accross the dance floor and all of a sudden two guys broke into a fight. Being in the state I was in, without thinking, I grabbed one of the guys and held him back. I'm lucky I didn't get killed because I'm not hulk (or am I?). Anyways, the bouncers came, took them away, and I thought to myself "well, my work here is done" and went on my way. Later on that night, I myself almost got into a fight because a friend of mine made out with a chick and asked me for a pen so he can take her phone number down. Being the friednly person I am, I got a pen for him at the bar. Then when I went to return the pen I pushed my way to the bar where a druken guy got mad at me because he thought I was budding in line to buy beer. Upon several attempts to tell him he was wrong, I diagnosed him as being too drunk to reason with and walked away but I was afraid he was about to start something with me. Thankfully, nothing happened.

Wednesday was a long day at work because I was really tired. I didn't get much done in the morning. By lunch time I decided to go get a haircut to look nice for the next day. While I was at the hairdresser, my cell phone rang. It was a friend from work saying my brother from Toronto called me. This was odd because he usually calls my cell phone, not my office at work. I finished up with my haircut and then on the street decided to call my brother in Toronto to see what it was he wanted. No one picked up so I decided to leave a message. While I was leaving a message I said "Hi Mark, this is Josh. You called me and..." and then I hear from behind me "Hello!". I turned around and he was right there in the flesh. Believe me, I was suprised. Appentally, it was planned for over a week that he was going to come in to see me at convocation.

It's late and I'm getting tired. Writing about the actual day of convocation will take up a post in itself so I'm going to write about that soon. Keep posted!

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Andrew said...

You should keep that undergraduate-hood in case it rains and your graduate-hood is at the drycleaners.