Monday, May 01, 2006

Business As Usual

My weekend, being the last free time I had before school would restart, was pack with lots of activities.

Unfortunatley on Friday, there was no all you can play laser tag. It got cancelled for lack of participants (but apperently they offer this every week so it will happen one day!) I still got to hang out with Norm, though, which was fun in itself. While walking down the street, I saw a shadow on the sidewalk which totally looked like a boot. I immediately thought it was a boot hanging from a sign to signify a boot store or something. Norm noticed my confused expression on my face and asked what was wrong and all I could reply was "Where's the boot?". After explaining my actions, Norm bursts out laughing until I realized that the shadow was in fact a one way sign that was bent.

We went to St. Sulpice to check out how busy it would be due to it being the last day of exams for McGill students. Busy it was. SO busy in fact that both Norm and I couldn't take it any longer and left after being there probably a total of a half an a hour. Norm then went home but I met up with Madeleine who wanted to know about my adventures in Austrlia since she will be there sometime next year. Starting tomorrow she will be off on her travels around the world start in Western Canada. Have a great time in Australia Mad Dog!

Saturday, is the day I am dubing IMPROV DAY because that's what it was, hanging out with my improv friends. Saturay rocked! It started off with a very enjoyable workshop, which was the LAST saturday workshop for some of us. (so sad...).
Follwing that was food, frisbee, boggle, going to see American Dreamz (which was quite funny) and topping the night off with watching The Transporter 2 at Mike's house while srinking mini coronas (I bought the wrong thing, not realizing they even existed that small...).

Sunday was work work work and my last day of freedom. I feel like I'm obsessed with always wanting something to do. Is that healthy?


Billy Ruffian said...

So long as you take one day a week to come down, seems healthy to me.

But I ain't a doctor.

Anonymous said...

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