Monday, July 16, 2007


My current task at work is to spray paint some clear bottles to a shiney metallic blue.
The process involves:
1. spray painting the clear plastic wih a gray primer
2. Spray painting the primer with the metallic blue paint
3. Sparaying the paint with a shiny gloss

Simple enough, right?


The gray primer was super easy to apply. The blue paint was a bit more difficult (different brand we got) but still manageable, except that I screwed up a spot on one and had to rub apiece away and reprime it. The lastley, just adding the gloss. Howvere, nowhere does it say that the gloss EATS AWAY at the paint! At least, as far as I can tell, while the gloss is still wet, the paint easily comes off, because I accidently dropped on of the tubes and the paint completely smeared off. On top of that the last tube I did, as soon as I put it down, I accidently just nicked a tiny part with my finger.

The whole painting process takes 5 minutes but I have to give 2 hours to dry. Now I have to redo a couple of tubes and I still have at least 6 more to do. The worst thing of it all is that my "studio" is a huge carboard box that I placed in the hallway. I was told by my boss to go do it there, yet everyone else keeps telling me it smells too much ad that I better be careful or the president of the company (who is on vacation for a week, thank god) will kill me if he sees even a spec of paint on the carpet or wall. I'm too young and sexy to die.


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