Sunday, July 08, 2007

Budman meets the White Stripes

Friday night I went with Ian to go see the White Stripes perform at The Bell Center. The performance itself was phenomenal. I had tickets for the floor which was a standing area. We managed to get all the way to the front, so I had a great view of both Jack and Meg white. Their aesthetics were truly mind blowing. I've heard that Jack White strictly makes them wear only red, white or black but this was ridiculous! There was a giant red back drop, all the speaker boxes and organs were red. Jack's guitars were red and white. They wore red shirts and pants. All the mic stands were either red with a microphone that had a white wire or vice versa. All the crew members wore black suits with black ties and bowler or pimp hats with red feathers in them. The strobe lights were even red! There was also a platform behind the band with 3 staircases that when Jack walked along, white smoke would rise behind his foot steps.

As for the music, it was kick ass. They opened the show with Blue Orchid and ended the show with Seven Nation Army. They played equally as many songs from Elephant as they did from their new album, Icky Thump. They even teased us a bit by playing riffs from some songs but never playing the actual song, instead leading into a different song altogether.

The only down fall of the show were a bunch of guys totally off their rocker on drugs. They were really pushing people, screaming in people's ears, forsing others to let them body surf (which is prohibited), and totally screaming absurd things (like "Meg White is the such a hot bitch!". I like their music, but Meg White is not really that good looking...). After all that, the security guards didn't do anything at all. All they did was stare at them and give them false warnings. I'm never going to watch a concert at teh Bell center on the floor again.

I left with a smile on myfae though because I bought a kick ass White Stripes shirt! It's a picture of a skeleton ribs and a heat (as if it were my own) completely made up of buttons.

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