Monday, July 16, 2007

The Perils of Living in the Boonies

Last night I went to go see a kick ass show by an Australian band called The Cat Empire. I always have a hard time explaining what kind of music they are since they fuse all kinds of styles togther but I read in an article recently that they are jazz, funk, ska, latino if that makes any sense.

The show was at the metropolis and was 100% better than at the Bell Centre. I went with Dan whom I had met while looking for a job through JEM. He's a cool, very funny Jewish guy originally from Hudson. I guess you can say it was a man-date.
We were both pretty tired from the rest of the weekend so we both agreed on sitting on the second floor. We had a gret view of the stage and I got to rest my poor, weak, chicken legs.

The opener was a guy by the name of Jeremy Fisher. Although it was the first time I ever heard of him, I quite liked his music. He sounded like he could be Paul Simons and Bob Dylan's bastard child (and even looked a bit like Dylan). I think I'm goign to check out some of his music.

The Cat Empire came on shorlty after and kicked ASS! One thing they like to do it seems, is just go all out. You know how at shows, a band may go into crazy solos for their last song or in the encore? Well they did that at their 2nd song of the night! They repeated that formula throughotu their set.

Or th epart that I saw rather...

I completely didn't put together that Sunday night concert + work monday morning + living so far away= big trouble. Halfway through the show I started thinking and realized that I if I stayed until the end of the show (~11:00-11:30) Id get home by 12:45am! so I left at 13:30 and got home at 11:45pm and hoped into bed at 12:20am.

Surpisingly enough when I woke up this morning I wasn't too exhausted, just regular exhausted.

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