Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Drama

Wednesday I met up with Emilie. She is now in New York for the summer before she returns to Montreal for Law School at McGill in September. We spent the evening chatting over food and beers at Else's. First time I was there. It's a cool place I will admit. This was followed by a quick game of pool which I lost, this time legitimately (a.k.a by not scratching the 8 ball).

Emilie complained that I wasn't writing enough drama on my blog so here goes:
After pool, I left Emilie and headed to the metro. There I met 5 really hot chicks from Sweden looking for a nice tall jewish guy with curly hair and glasses who could be their tour guide for the night. Even though I'm dating someone and had to get up early for work, I couldn't say no to 5 hot Swedish chicks! So we hit up EVERY SINGLE bar on St. Laurent. by 2 am I was throwing up on EVERY SINGLE street corner on St. Laurent. On my way to the hot Swedish chicks' hotel, with 2 girls in each arm and one on my back, I bumped into Aurit on the street. She was not pleased and kicked me in the balls, right in front of the hot Swedish chicks. I wanted to apologize, but I was with 5 hot Swedish chicks! So I crawled my way to the hotel room where we had lots and lots of sex.

I hope that's enough (completely fabricated) drama for ya Emilie!

Have a good tiem in New York City!

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