Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Since my post this morning, it turns out i did have a very interesting birthday.
All day I knew it was my birthday, and co-workers were wishing me a happy birthday but I was really tired from the show and had a lot of thing son my mind that it didn't feel like any special day that was different from any other day.
Throughout the day I kept getting tons of happy birthday wishes from all kinds of friends (new and old) on Facebook which started to give me that feeling that today could be different.

Things really picked up after work.

I got home as my parents left to go out for a friend's dinner. Eventually Aurit came over with a cake box (which I couldn't open yet), a card and a present.
She ended up buying me The Game of LIFE - Simpsons Edition! It's pretty damn cool. We played it right away and she totally kicked my ass (She made 1,154,000$ while I had a measly 852,000$. Then my parents and my brother Lorne came home (they picked up Lorne from a baseball game) and we had cake, which happened to be chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles and icing and cookies and more chocolate!

Everyone was right, this day was special.

Can't wait until Saturday night!

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