Thursday, July 19, 2007

Movie rental from hell

So about 3 weeks ago I rented the movie Night Watch. It's the movie based on the book of the same title which I happened to have read recently. The movie was horrible but I had a 7 day rental on it so I didn't rush to return it.

A few days ago I remembered that I rented a movie and never returned it... I recalled that I last saw it on our stairs and then on top of some books. I ask my mom if she returned it and she couldn't remember. I ask my dad and he had no idea what i was talking about.

Since both my parents couldn't remember if they returned my movie or not, I went to the video store and they confirmed I still had not returned it. Well at least I knew that it wasn't at the video store! So where the heck was it?

Books... movie... books... library...! The books were books my brother borrowed from the library that my mom was returning for him. To the library, in St. Laurent! I called them and I was right, my mom returned a VIDEOTRON DVD RENTAL to a LIBRARY.

So it wa at the library! NO! Turns out they decided to return it themselves, and they did, to the "Videotron video store in St. Laurent", as the person on the phone told me. I looked on line and there were TWELVE Videotron stores not too far from the library. I called the nearest one and they told me they didn't have it.

I called the Dollard store and told them my story. They said I could just go and pay them 6.99$ as if I bought the movie used and forget about returning it. Otherwise, my late fee was already at 8.99$.

I was going to just do that, but a couple of hours later, the St. Laurent store called me back and said they found it! Today I picked it up and returned it to the DDO store. The guy was nice and after hearing my long and complicated story only charge me 5$ instead of the 9.25$ it had accumulated to.

The moral of the story? Don't rent crappy movies.

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