Monday, May 24, 2004

Outgoing on the outside but shy on the inside

It's Victoria Day weekend and what better way to celebrate than to go out drinking. Last night for an hour was open bar at Cheers downtown. I went with Glen and afterwards we ended up at Biftek (the bar, not the restaurant) where I met up with Greg and my buddy Mike. All in all I had a good time. However, while I was there, I bumped into a girl I have known for a while now. I don't know her well but I will admit I think she's cute. I first met her my first year at McGill, we were in the same frosh group. Since then I've seen her around at various parties and events around school. She even showed some interest in me recently when I found out that she tried buying me at a bachelor auction. I volunteered to sell my body to raise money for the Kidney Foundation. A few friends of mine (all girls) pooled together their money to buy me and someone kept competing against them until they bid for too much (50$) and the mystery person backed down. At first my friends were all happy until they realized that they ruined a chance of me going on a real date (they all have boyfriends). I later found out that the mystery person was her.However, I didn't make a move then (she showed herself and I was like "Wow you're the one who was bidding against my friends?!? We then talked for about a minute until she said "I'm going to go over there now...") and I didn't try anything last night. I was pretty smooth at the beginning since I was walking outside of the bar to be able ot hear my cell phone better and on the way out I noticed her, tapped her, she got all excited and said hi and gave me a hug to which I smoothely said "hold that thought" and walke dout for a few minutes to take the call. But after my phone call, she was busy with her friends so I didn't go up and talk to her. So being shy I thought I'd wait, but then she left with her friends ("I told myself I'll go a little later, I'll go a little later, but when I got there, they said he had already left, and when I asked if he'd come back, they said probably not..." -Homer J. Simpson).

Just a little background on myself but my luck with girls hasn't been that great since high school but has been getting better lately. I had a few crushes in high school but nothing ever surfaced from them. Too many stories to post but here are a few. In grade 8 I went to the school dance and after dancing alone for while, a girl came up to me, but instead of asking me to dance, she slapped me and threatened to kill me if she ever saw me again. Then in grade 10 I learnt it's not a good idea to write in someone's yearbook that you have a crush on them, because that girl went psycho after she read the note I wrote in her book. I thought I'd have better luck in cegep, but no dice. I had a thing for a girl, called her up, asked her out and she freaked out on the phone and said "I need to go sleep now..." and hung up. The next day I found out a friend of mine also called her up and asked her out 2 hours before I did. Don't worry though, university had been a bit better. I've met tons of people and even a few really nice girls. I still didn't have the guts to do anything but I'm slowly breaking out of my shell. This past year really showed it. I'm not afraid to admit that it was this year that I had my first kiss because the story behind it is really funny. During frosh I met a girl who I thought was really cool and on the last night of frosh she admitted to me that she thought I was cute. Eventually I ended up at her apartment and we sat down on the couch. We talked for a bit (note: we were both drunk and tired) and then I mentioned something about not having ever been kissed. She then replied "do you want your first kiss now?". We then kissed and then killed any Kodak moment we had by saying "Wow! That tasted like jelly fish!", not that I would know what jelly fish tastes like...but I that's what I said. Then I started to fall asleep on the couch but I kept trying to keep my eyes open and talk. All I remember saying while trying to keep my eyes open was something like "blah blah blah porno" and she replied "yeah I totally know what you mean". To this day I don't even know what I meant. Nothing ended up happening and I never heard from her again but it was probably for the best because the next morning after breakfast she got a call and let the machine take it. Some guy said "Hey it's me call me back" and she then tells me "oh yeah, I really should break up with him".

Well to further the trend, I now have an apartment so now I can get laid! No! So I can go out more often and meet people instead of leave at 11:00pm when the parties usually start. I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy myself this summer, and if I meet someone I'll just look at it as a bonus. You know what? I think I'm going to put some effort into finding out that girl's phone number and give her a call. What's the worst that can happen?


Anonymous said...

Funny coincidence: I've actually tasted jelly fish (in China). My first impression was "Damn! This tastes like first kiss!" It was also a bit wet and left a rash.


Budman said...

Haha! That's awesome! Thankfully I didn't get a rash...