Monday, June 06, 2005

Cairns Day 34

Sorry I havn't posted anything in a while but the reasons are:

a) I was home sick with a really bad case of the stomach flu

b) I don't really have much to say anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I could type lines and lines about my bowel movement but I doubt anyone wants to read about it (and if you do you're just a very SICK person!).

Aside from that I'm not really up to anything that really exciting to write about. Since I'm stationary now in Cairns, I havn't really done any sight seeing. Cairns is VERY small. The main part basically has a giant pool/lagoon area, there are a bunch of shops, resturants, convinience stores and a supermarket. In the back of the city centre is a giant mall. Thats Cairns for you. Most people go off on trips to the reef or Cape Tribulation. I havn't looked into any trips yet but I still have that voucher for the day trip on the reef that I won last week.

Last night I was working and was now told that my hours will be cut because they want to share the hours witht he new guy they just hired. So, now I'm going from 35-40 hours/week to 25-30 hours/week, It's not too bad now though since I won;t be as stressed at work but now I got to figure out what to do with 3 days off in a row. All there is to do is watch movies, or go to the city and check my e-mail. I'll see if I can find something on the side to keep me busy (maybe sell drugs or even better my body).

Well at least tomorrow I plan on going to see Star Wars 3, I hear it's great so I'm looking forward to see it.

As for something semi-exciting to write about, last night I went out with 5 guys from work, Marco, Charles, Aaron, Hamish and Marco. We started at P.J. Obriens and made our way to The Woolshed. Good times had by all. I even bumped into 2 girls I met in Melbourne. They said they remebered me but I think they were so drunk they would have believed what anyone would have told them. All in al, though, it was a good ngith and i got to bed at like 4am. now I know it only casts 7$ to cab home!

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