Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cairns Day 36

Well as of Monday ngiht I am now a VIP member of the Wool Shed. I am now entitled free entry and cheap drinks (and possibly even meals) at the most popular backpacker barin Cairns. The card even has a photo of me. It's the coolest thing I aquired in Cairns next to my movie store membership card.

Speaking of movies, yesturday I ended up renting The Village, The Forgotten, Walking Tall, Shown of the Dead and I picked up Alien VS Predator for my roomate, Adam - he wanted something horror-ish. I had already seen Shawn of the Dead but it's a great movie although, even though it's supposed to be a comedy it's REALLY graphic in the blood department but it's not scary. The Forgotten was OK, I liked th eeffects but the story does go downthe drain near the end. The village was quite good. I remember the reviews not being so great but it was worth the watch. I quite like M Knight Shamalayan (or how ever you spell his name) movies and this one was as good as his others. Finally Walking Tallw as a great brain cell killer. Got to love the Rock. After spending most the day inside watching movies I decided I should get out of the house, so I left my home ot meet up with Ben, this guy I met on my Whitsundays trip, and we went to go see Star Wars 3. I actually liked it! it's probably the best out of the 3 new ones. The only thing is I always get lost when they talk politics and I find there are just so many special effectsd and things moving all the time it's hard to actually focuson some of the sceneries. Like in a normal movie you have the camera start to focu on a building and maybe you see a cloud move or a bird fly by but thats about it! In Star Wars (1-3) you have space ships and aliens and robots and Storm Troopers and jedi And wookies and all sorts of things moving about in 1000 directions just while the camera focuses on ONE SIMPLE BUILDING! It's like that one scene could have taken weeks and cost thousands of dollars just to make up.

Today I just took it easy and have been in the city for a while. I have a few errands and then it's back to the house.

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