Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cairns Day 44

First off I realize the pics are TOO big and I will try to fix it sometime soon (or never) depending on time and money.

As for this weeks MOVIE REVIEWS, tuesday I rented Sideways, Pulp Fiction and The Jewish Hammer.

Sideways - stars Paul Giamatti and Christian Hayden Church (think thats his name). It was quite good. I love Paul Giamatti. He played in Confidence and American Splendor. I definitely recommend it for those that like more independent type movies. It's a comedy/drama about a depressed guy who takes his best friend on a wine tasting getaway week before his buddy gets married and certain things happen on the way (but not CRAZY things for that rent Harold and Kumar go to white castle).

Pulp Fiction - I'm probably the only person who never saw this movie. I REALy wanted to finally watch it and loved it. I'm sure everyone has seen this but if not it's with agreat cast including John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by Quentin Tarentino (Kill Bill, Resevoir Dogs, Jackie Brown) it's just one of these gangster movies with weird plot twists and lots of shooting. Cult indeed.

Jewish Hammer - By far one of the FUNNIEST movies I've seen in a VERY VERY long time. You may not understand the jokes that much if you're not jewish but there non jewish jokes are all hilarious. This movie just takes the piss out of jews and christians. The premise is that Santa Clause Jr. (Andy Dick) kills santa Clause Sr. for his plot to erradicate Chanukah (the jewish holiday that happens around christmas time) so the Jewish Justice League calls in help from The JEWISH HAMMER (Adam Goldberg)! Totally taking the same format as Shaft, this movie is just great with one liners and crazy jokes. Favorite lines the Hammer are by far "Remember... Stay Jewish!" and "Shabbot Shalom MOTHER FUCKER!"

I also saw a B-rated movie called the circuit (Adam, roomate rented it) and it was also very funny but it's an action movie and isn't supposed to be funny at all. Not worth even mentioning the plot because it was just SO BAD.

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