Friday, June 10, 2005

Cairns Day 38

My work hours were cut recently and now I have 3 days off instead of 2. that being said, Wednesday night I went out to the Wool Shed to meet up with two irish girls I met the other day, Yvonne and Grace. Very nice people and we had a good time together. My relationship with the Wool Shed is improving though. The landlord of the house I live in, manages the bar, my roomate Karl, works in the bar, someone I met in noosa now works at the bar as a bartendress, and I also foudn out the same night that someone I know from Peter Pan travel (where I use the internet) is going out with a guy who works with Karl. Plus, I have a VIP card that gets me cheap drinks and free entry.

So I get to the bar on tuesday and Karl happened to be there for a heavy night of drinking and told the bouncer I'm coola dn that I live with him so I got to skip the line and got in for free. Then I couldn't find the girls but bumped into this guy, Stephen who I met the week before and we hung out. Karl came up to me and introduced me to his work buddies and I got a free drink from him and finally I met up the girls. We hung out until 2am but then I called it quits since I had to work the next day and even though I only started work at 5pm I like feeling good on a work day.

ON a completely different note it's about time I put this out in the open. I havn't been very honest with everyone and I've had a secret that I think I should now throw on the table since my mom found out about it recently... I AM GAY!!!!


No I'm NOT gay... BUT I WAS hiding something from everyone. Three weeks ago I bought a GUITAR. It's a Sanchez Steel String SK-17 Accoustic Guitar and it's bright blue! I kept walking by a guitar shop on the way to the city when I first moved into my new house and it kept tempeting me to pop in and look around. I gave it a lot of thought and figured if I work from 5pm to 12am and get up at 10am every morning it doesn't really leave me much time to go to the city and there itsn't much to do except watch TV or rent a DVD now and again. So I decided if I were to buy a guitar, I could teach myself daily and have something fun to do besides sit at home until work. I walked into the store, spoke to the guy and he told me that had a special going on. For 200$ I got the guitar, carrying case, a strap to hold the guitar on my holder, an electric tuner AND a DVD on how to play guitar. Howvere, I had a feeling even before buying the kit that the DVD would probably be crap (it's not very good), I looked online and found an EXCELLENT webside designed JUST for beginners. It written by a quitar instructor and basically he just put on the interenet the lessons he would teach to his students inreal life. Each lesson is designed for 1 week. There are a total fo 12 lessons and so far I am on lesson 3. After 3 weeks of plying I now know the 9 basic chords, 3 scales, 3 struming patterns and a I'm trying ot learn a handful of songs. I can't play the songs properly yet but the whole point of them, the instructor states, is just to practice changing chords. I didn't buy the quitar with any intentions of becoming a rock god but only a means to kill time and learn something new. I'm enjoying it quite a lot and I hope by the time I move back home I'll be able to play a few simple songs. I wanted to keep the news to myself but I forgot my mom pays my VISA bills and was wondering what I spent for 200$ in a music store.

Well now that it's out in the open, I now have other things to talk about on this blog.

Different story all together, the other night I got a suprise call from my Russian Relatives in Bondi Beach, Syndey. They are such nice people! Jenny, called just to see how I was doing and wanted to make sure eveythign was ok. She asked me all the typical questions - ae you ok? Are you working? How are the folks? Have you gained weight? I was nice talking to her about all that stuff and I hope to meet up with them one more time before I go back to Canada which is looking to be sometime in September.

So for the latest news on my adventures, DVD reviews and guitar lesson updates keep checking this website!


Glen said...

Budman, you ARE a rock god! Irish girls, eh? Now where does that sound familiar?

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