Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cairns Day 51

Today was a sad day. I had to say goodbye to my friend Sophie. She is flying back to brisbane for a few days and then flying home to Quebec! We promised erach other to meet up again in Montreal for she is moving there to be able to go to Concoridia and study Media and Design. Her, her friends and I had a barbecue righ tbefore she left and it was a lot of fun. I cooked a whole bunch of beef sausages. MM MMMMMM!

Yesturday I spent the day by the lagoon jamming away on my guitar. I'm still loving ita dn learning so much. I still need to work on a lot of my songs but rather than slow myself down and repeat the same songs over and over I'm still readuing and learning new things about guitar playing everyweek. Probably tomorrow I'll pick up lesson 5!

I couple of weeks ago when my hours got cut from Vivo I decided to apply and work at Peter Pans again. I figured if i work for them I'll be able to get a discount on the trips I want to do in the future. They said they'd get back to me and this girl , Kat, who works at Peter Pans and happens to be the girlfriend of a guy who works with my roomate Carl, told me on Monday she was quitting to move on and then yesturday I got a call to com ein for a trial for today. I got up early and made it over to the place and had to work for an hour. It's really easy work, al I have to do is:
Ensure everyone who walks in the door cvomes to the from desk
Find out if they want ot use the internet, talk to someone about a trip or both
Find out where they are heading to after Cairns and if they need to talk to anyone
Burn a photo CD for them if asked
Work the cash for all the money recieved form the internet use
Clean up the place when I have time

It's not really that bad a job, and hope i can stand it for 8 weeks.

Also, last night I saw Batman Begins. It was great. Not he best movie I've ever seen but aside from Batman 1 being a cult classic, this one was the best batman movie I've seen. It was quite cool although I wasn't such a huge fan of th eplot involving the back guy adn his intentions to do evil. If you're into comic book movies and enjoy Chris Nolan (Director of Momento) you'll enjoy this flick, a lot.

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