Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cairns Day 53

Today has been pretty BLAH!

I woke up kind of early from the phone ringing non-stop for what felt like 30 minutes. I decided to take advantage of getting up early and phoned my brother in Toronto. His wonderful wife picked up and although he was out I did get to have a great chat with her. Turns out my little nephew can roll over! I can't wait to see him when I'm back in Canada. After the phone call I went back home (I use the pay phone around the corner for long distance calls0 and rather than doing anything productive I ended up watching Fight Club. I've seen it before but it's one of those movies you need to watch a few times to understand it fully and now I can say I am on eof the few people that DO understand it FULLY. I also discovered there is a slow motion button on the DVD remote so that was....

WOW! Sorry to break from a really EXCITING (read boring) description of my DVD remote but this guy just interrupted me and turns out he's Graham. I met him in Melbourne many moons ago. We were in the same room and went out to Dallas the week I was leaving to go to Sydney. He remembered my name and everything. Tres cool. It turns out he's leaving to go back to Canada on Monday and with my work schedule it looks like i won't be able ot catch up with im but we may be able to hang out for a quiet one on sunday night. Wow! it's just great to still be bumping into people i"ve met throughout my travels. Even if I didn't know them well, it's just a great feeling knowing that someone knows you, you know? (haha).

My plan the afternoon has been to go into town and get the next set of guitar notes. I don't htink I'll get a chance to practice a lot today but I have been playing everyday and for at least an hour. Yesturday I tried to get that Nirvana song going and I'm hoping int he next few weeks I;ll be a pro at playing Smells LIke Teen Spirit. I still need a lot of work on almost ALL the songs I'm learning but iA figure rather then sticking only to them and trying over and over unti they are perfect, I'd rather continue on with my lessons and learn new things. I have been good thoug, and i still go back to the all the songs I'm learning and pay thenm a few times if I can rather than neglect them and only play new stuff. I have yet to read the notes in detai lbut this weeks lesson includes:
a barre chord
a blues shuffle
the b flat chord
and a few songs:
Hote California - The Eagles
Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan (I'm starting to learn that almost EVERY SONG that Bob Dylan has made has been RE-MADE by someone else and as far as I can tell the remakes are ALWAYS better...)
Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The only problem with trying ot play any of the songs I"m learning is I don't have the audio tracks of many of them and the tablature notes I'm using don't give tempo or strumming patterns so I'm kind of winging some of it and it's tough trying ot play something when you're not sure it's right or not. I'm hoping when I get back to Canada I'll go back to most of the songs and try hard to get them perfect so I can play them at parties and stuff.

My plan for the rest of the afternoon is to just go back home and eat dinner before work and amybe squeeze in a bit of quitar playing. In promotion with Batman Begins, KFC has this special combo deal called the Bat Box. I have food at home but i"m SO tempted to try it while they have it ( it's probably a very short term thing) so I'm going ot buy it on the way home. That being said, I still have some time to kill so I decided I would just share some random thoughts:

They have this thing in Australia called Vegamite. For those who don't know what it is, it's basicalled a yeast extract (thats what the bottle says). It's this really salty, black spread that you put on toast or other things. I hated it at first but one day I just acquired a taste for it and last week I bought a bottle and now I eat it on my toast all the time. It's quite tasty in small quantities. I'll try and bring a bottle home if I can.

Another weird thing I noticed in Australia is that they don't have three holes in their papers, only two. I bought a binder and a hole punch for my guitar notes and was suprised when I only found 2 holed items. I had to ask a store worker for assistance and she told me thats how it is here.

The other night I went to the Wool Shed and had the weirdest feeling. I saw this girl throughout the night who reminded me SO MUCH of my friend Nadine from back home. She didn't really look like her facial wise all the way but she was the same size and height and just had her hair up in a similar way and had the same type of clothes I coud see Nadine wear. The freaky thing on my end was I just kept staring at her throughout the night and I'm almost certain that girl thought I was some freak.

Finally, the last thing on my mind lately is this WEIRD dream I had the other day. It's not really WHAT the dream was about but what happened DURING the dream. In the middle of the dream I realized something was odd and that the onl yanswer to it was that I was dreaming. Once I was aware I was in a dream I called out to wae myself up. Then I woke up abruptly in my bed. I've NEVER done that before. It was like out of the twilight zone or something. And the weird thing is the dream wasn't about me in danger or anything, it was just me at home in Canada telling someoen about my trip as if I was there right now but then I realized I didnt travel to the places I intend on going to after Cairns and that made me realize something was awry. TWO WORDS: WEI RD

Wow I"m getting hungry now! To the BUD MOBILE! (which is my bicycle)


Anonymous said...

Budman!!! How's it going??? I've totally had that kind of dream before, I once dreamt that I must be dreaming and then I pinched myself and it didn't hurt, so I woke up. I did that 2 nights in a row, kind of annoying :) Good to know you're still thinking of us Montreal girls, let me know if you see someone who looks like me ;)


Budman said...

Actually i think I did see someone that reminded me of you but I can't remember where. Probably also at a bar on a drunken night. After enough beers everyone starts to look like osmoen else to me, haha.

I'm always thinking of you Montreal girls!