Thursday, January 25, 2007

Budman strikes back

Last night I went to Grumpy's Bar to perform stand up comedy at the Open Mic Night. After watching my old video of me doing stand up 3 years ago I decided to give it abother shot. Unfortunatley I got so busy I didn't really have time to prepare properly. Having a pint and a half before going on stage also didn't help - I was pretty tipsy and was having trouble seeing straight. Fortunatley for me, the guy before me really sucked and I got a bunch of laughs.

A bunch of my friends came otu to suport me. I was told by many of my friends that I was pretty funny. In the end, I thought I was really sloppy but I did get some laughs from other audience members (i.e. not just the pity laugh). I was even told that some of the other comedians thought I was funny, so that's cool.

Turns out the host of the night, who is a comedian, was at the open mic night at the Comedy Nest back when I performed the first time. He even remembered me and after my set, gave me his card and told me he know runs the open mic night at the Comedy Nest and suggests I give it a try there. I might in the future but i think I need to come up with some better jokes before I start running there.

Here's a video of the night:


Anonymous said...

Best line: "Still get picked on by high-schoolers"

Unsolicited advice: the viagra story needs a punchline.


Anonymous said...

While I think of it, today, 26-Jan:

Happy Australia Day!


Anonymous said...

I know you were nervous man, but I admire your courage. Takes a big man to stand up without a troupe.


Andrew said...

Good job, Budman. There were a couple of great lines.

On a completely unrelated topic, I know I'm not a graphic designer and you are, but could I suggest that you change the whole white text on a black background colour scheme? Reading it makes my eyes water.

Budman said...

Thanks for the compliments on the stand up Andrew. I want to try and go more often and practice but I've been busy (lazy).

I also agree about my blog colors. I want to change them but I've been lazy (busy).