Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Under Construction

I decided for another new year, it'd be nice to have my blog looking different. Having spent a year studying graphic design, I thought it'd be fun to add a custom look to my blog. Unfortunately, it's tad more complicated then I expected and I may have to do some learning before I can get this to resemble something more exciting. So please, don't be scared with the slow changes that will be going on in the near future.

On another note, on New Years Eve, I went out with a bunch of friends to 2 house parties and a club.

Pictures of the night can be found HERE!

Highlights of the evening and new years day included:

- Having vegetarian tacos at Tiffany's

- Getting a call from Norm and Lauren in Australia

- Having a some of Glen's Sea Dog blueberry beer that he brought back from Boston and forgot about until that night

- Being told I looked like I was a member of The Hives by the way I was dressed (It was by Glen but cool none the less!)

- Going to a house party filled of drunk french people

- Asking host of said party how much it costs to live there and getting the response "Who are you?"

- Piggy backing Kelp down some street in the rain

- Finding out after walking 10 blocks that we were heading the wrong way.

- Stopping at some random alley for a piss and finding a really cool graffiti picture of spiderman

- Meeting some chick at the last party who then asks me if I met friend Chris, then she walks away. I turn to Chris and ask how long they have been friend's and he says "I just met her tonight" so we realized we got the ol' 1,2 and called her back. After 5 minutes of debating, another girl comes up, grabs the chick and open mouth kisses her. To this day I don't know if they were lesbians or if it was a ruse to get away from us

- Drinking rum and coke out of a bowl like a cat

- Spending the day at Emilie's watching Freaks and Geeks

- Leaving Emilie's by almost walking down to the basement until corrected on the proper route to exit the building

- Eating slamon patties made by my mom for dinner

- Bowling over 150 with my brother Lorne

-Getting my ass kicked in Halo at my buddy's place.


Anonymous said...

Sayeth T'wat? T'was a ruse my friend, those cunning linguists.


Andrew said...

Good luck with the redesign, Budman-- tinkering with CSS templates is one of the most wrenching and unrewarding experiences I've ever had. (And that was before Blogger changed added all this kooky scripting to its templates!)