Monday, January 22, 2007

Trying hard not to stress

I have an interview tomorrow.
It's 5:50pm.
I've been infront of the computer since 10;30am laying out all my work so I can print it out in a professional looking way.
Some files are so big it's taking like 20 minutes just to open and save in the right format.
The printer place upstairs closes at 7pm and I still have 8 other things to layout before printing.
I don't htink I'm going to have time to print tonight at all.
I hope I can get it done tomorrow so I have a printed portfolio before I show up at t he interview.
*sigh* That's what I get for waiting last minute. Man I got to learn to stop doing that...


Mariana said...

Good luck! Remember to be confident (you can do it! I've seen you!). What does the company do?

Anonymous said...

Whose the sexy guy next to the guy in the Redshirt and Fedora?

-Billy Ruffian

Budman said...

That's Nestor.
Oh! The SEXIER guy? That's Owen. Several chick have openly admitted to me recently that they thought he was the funniest guy (no joke).
How'd your team do?