Sunday, January 28, 2007

McGill Improv Masked Ball

Last night I attended a formal masked ball. It was great. The people who organized it put lots of effort decorating the ballroom with all sorts of theatre props (including giant puppets hanging from a rope). There were a lot of interesting masks. I felt that the fact it was a masked party, a lot of people seemed to act slightly different. Perhaps the masks made people feel secure and incognito or soemthing. I know I felt that way a bit.

For pics, click HERE!


Mariana said...

Aww, that looks like such a great time! Very cool masks too.

I also see that you picked up Arvind. Good work ;)

Eric Rosenhek said...

I took a look on Facebook. You looked snazzy with the mask. Loads of fun! I like Chris wearing the glasses over his mask.

PS: My friend wrote an article about the Toronto competition: