Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Whats been going on

Since finishing school, everything has been so different. My whole routine is out of whack. I guess nowadays, everything is revolving around my work schedule which seems to be totaly random. Somedays I work at night, others during the day. However, I have been pretty busy lately. Here's a recap of my past couple of weeks:

Been spending more time with my brother Mark (he does live with me now). From tiem to time we play his favorite game Scene It. Yuo watch clips on a DVD and answer questions. He has a bunch of versions - Tv, Movie, Movie Extended Pack and James Bond. Usually we play the TV version first so he can kick my ass and then I kick his ass in teh movie version. Both of us equally suck in teh James Bond version.

Speaking of James Bond, I saw Casino Royal with my mom. I liked it. Daniel Craig as teh Blond Bond isn't too bad. I quite liked the beginning action sequence but dreadfully hated the lagging ending (it could have ended after the bad guy died!).

I started to work on my portfolio. I even saved some jpeg versions of some of my work and soon will have them up for all your viewing pleasure.

I got my first client, ever. I'm to make this guys website. I already started the design and waiting to hear his feedback and to get paid for the first part. I'm really bad with the money part but i've ben getting help from my "lawyer".

I unexpectedly had the opportunity to aply for a wicked job, so I made up a resume super quick and sent it off. Fingers crossed for an interview soon.

Norm came back from Australia and brought me VEGEMITE! It was so good to hang out with im at Ian's party that I attended on saturday.

Prior to that party I was at a belated New Years Eve party which kicked ass! There were so many people there in this tiny apartment and it was a lot of faces I hadn't seen in a long time. I had a better time that night then actually on New Years.

I acquired a damn cold this weekend and have been feeling up and down. I went to take some cold medicine and after taking it discovered it expired... in 2003! I felt fine this morning but was worried I'd feel ill or something. I actually slept quite well.

I'm really looking forward to next weekend. I'm heading to Toronto with McGill Improv to participate in some competition being held by University of Toronto. My brother happens to be going back to Toronto anyways and rented a van so it made things uper easy for my friends and I!

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