Saturday, May 15, 2004

All Grown Up

So yesturday I decided to buy some things for the appartment. All I had was a fridge full of beer and it was time to get some food. So I walked to the local Provigo and walked up and down the aisles. It took me a bloody hour just to buy a few things and cost $63!!! All I bought was some apples, pizza pockets, an over pizza, paper towels, juise, milk, cereal, and a few snacks. Oh and of course, Kraft Dinner! Actually I bought some cheap immitation because it was less expensive. On the way to the apartment, I decided to take the bus instead of walk. I sat down on the bench and when the bus was coming, started to grab the bags but I wasn't fast enough and the bus just drove by. I then ran down the street with 8 bags of groceries in my hands and my bus pass in my mouth. Then, once on the bus, I rang the bell when we just left the stop on located at the corner of the street previous to the on e the appartment is on. Well, it turns out that the next stop is actually 3 blocks past where I wanted to go to, so that sucked ass and I walked back. The minute I got into the place, I threw everything into the fridge and crashed on the couch. Later that night when I was hungry, I made some of that "Kraft Dinner". The box says it should take 9 minutes. I think it took me 90 minutes. But now I'm one step closer to becoming a master chef.

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing to finally live in an apartment. Now you'll find out how grown-ups live and how I lived since 17.5 years of age. Oh yeah, women like it if you don't live with your parents (hope that tip helps...)