Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Girls of the internet

Besides porn, the internet seems to be a haven for dating services. I'll admit, due to being shy and my bad luck with girls (see last post), I've put my picture on a few sites -,, Yahoo Personals, Okay Amigo and my 'favorite' one JDATE. The last one is a jewish dating service, so I can meets JAPS - Jewish American PrincesseS, not Japanese people. The stereotype for jewish girls is that they are daughters of rich jews such as doctors or lawyers and are super stuck up and only care about themselves. Maybe this explains why I havn't tried dating any jewish girls yet. But thanfully it's only a stereotype because I plan on marrying a jewish girl. I didn't join any of the sites in hopes of finding my one true love or anything, it was more on a whim of being bored and it is a way to meet new people although I do admit it is kind of sketch. I have met a few people online but no one in person. Actually back in high school I met one in person and it was horrible. This girl was short, quite large (which is still okay) but had a mustache and side burns (swing and a miss). I have about 3 - 4 people on my MSN list that I chat to once in a while but have never met in person. Some of them are pretty cool but there is a limit to how close I will become to these people. Because i have my profile on those sites, I get these e-mails from them with potential 'matches'. Reading what people write can be hilarious at times. All that girls seem to be looking for are guys that are good looking, outgoing, have a great sense of humor and like going out and having fun. And it's not like 1 or 2 people just write that - almost every single girl on theose websites are looking for just those characteristics. Well if that's all they want, why isn't there a line up of girls waiting to go on dates with me?!?!I should be a pimp daddy The greatest joy I get from these sites is that to view someones profile, it's free but in order to contact another member, you have to pay. However, some girls hide in their profile an e-mail address on how to contact them. So it's like a game trying to decypher the hidden message that put and if I get a reply message from them it means I won! I have yet to meet someone who's normal and really exciting this way but you never know it could happen. In any case I know I'm bound to meet someone this summer. This is the summer of BUDMAN!


Anonymous said...

That JDate site is great! I've never gone out with a jewish girl and i have pretty much given up on them. Still, I like looking at the site and the profiles of the women. For some reason it keeps drawing me back in. Even if I'm going out with somebody else at the moment. Not enough to actually write any of them or pay the 30 bucks a month charge for the site... There is something about it though. Very addictive.


Anonymous said...

Adventures of a DIFFERENT BudmanI searched for your blog on Google, and the above link was the first one. Did you know about this? It's weird!!


Michelle said...

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