Saturday, May 22, 2004

McGill Improv and On The Spot - Forces Unite!

I have been performing improv with the McGill Improv club for about 2 years now. Not only are the members talented and funny but they are great people to hang out with outside of improv. We meet once a week for a 2 hour workshop (6:30pm lobby of the Shatner building on thursdays), but we also play ultimate frisbee together and throw parties. This past tuesday, however, we got the honor to open up for one of the two professional improv troupes, On The Spot, which actually spawned from the McGill Improv back in the day (about 14 years ago) under another name. The other professional troupe is Without Annette, which also spawned from McGill Improv but more recently (about 6 years ago). We had a 20 minute set and were only 4 performers, I being one of them, along with Alice, Marianna and Maryam. Yes, all women! We ended up doing a great set and On The Spot were hilarious. After the show, a few of us decided to go to Ben and Jerry's. While we were there, this bum showed up, started to interupt Alice's conversation and then told Bryan that he shouldn't touch with his 'willy' in public, referring to Bryan having a hand in his pocket. Then when we all left and I walked in one direction with Bryan, the same guy jumped at me and pointed a banana like it was a gun and said "give me all your money, hahaha!" and walked away talking to himself. That's wen I realized I had the honor of bumping into the famous bum with the banana gun (as mentioned in the Montreal Mirror) So I got to meet a famous improv troupe and a famous bum in one day, what are the odds?

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Anonymous said...

I guess if you're a bum, you might as well be a famous one. What's the use of being just another guy in the crowd.