Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Tom Arnold is my Idol!

I just got home from watching one of the best movies this summer, and by best, I mean worst and by this summer, I mean ever. The movie was Soul Plane. It has an all star cast: Snoop Doggy Dog, Method Man and, wait for it... TOM ARNOLD! Talk about Blacksploitation! I really don't get it. Instead of it being white people making fun of black people stereotype, it's black people making fun of black people stereotype. Well in the end I guess everyone gets paid. So the premise of this movie (and believe me I'm not spoiling anything), is this guy goes on a plane and everyone is white and it looks like he's getting treated poorly for being black. Then he has to go take a dump and while in the bathroom gets stuck on the toilet. In an attempt to get out, the luggage capartment openeds and his dog flies out and dies. He then sues the airlines, gets a million dollars and decides to start his own airlines. He calls it NWA and then its all corby jokes like they are located at gate Malcolm X and their flrght 069. The plane has First class, middle class and lower class. First class being all decked out in leather couches and tables, middle class looking like a business room and lower class having busted tv's, lockers for luggage cabinets and bus station poles in the back. There's a guy who works in the bathroom and did I mention the club upstairs? The whole movie is just over an hour. What I just described happens in the first 30 minutes followed by about 25 minutes of stuff going on before the plane even leaves the ground. Then they get off the ground and 15-20 minutes later the captain (Snoop Dog) dies. Then they spend the last 20 minutes trying to land the plane. It has some funny moments but most of it is corny. If you like sex jokes and chessy gags, this is your movie. If you want to spend your 13$ on something worthwile, go see Shrek 2.

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Anonymous said...

My roommate has a bootleg copy of that movie on DVD. His recent girlfriend liked it and she was black. I think the movie was made with the ghetto roots audience in mind and with them it is a big hit. Still, I agree with you that it doesn't resonate with the larger crowd. This will mean that it should loose money... there are only so many people who are ghetto or those who are ghetto posers...

Shrek2 got a really good review in the Washington Post actually. It sounded like one of the best reviews of all time.