Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Undergrad Finito

Yup, after four years of studying chemistry I can finally become a chemist , although it hasn't always been an easy journey. By second year I had no choice but to take five science courses at once. I went crazy. I was so overwhelmed by work that I ended up failing quantum mechanics. However, I accepted my failure, redid the course and got an A! (In your FACE Dr. Sanctuary!!!) I then decided to stay an extra year at school and do a research project. By doing so, not ony did it increase my chances of getting into grad school, but I would no longer be a puny majors student but a super awesome honours student. This change came with a price. I didn't know what type of chemistry I wanted to focus on, so I blindly chose organic chem. My research project started off kind of rocky. I became infected with senioritis, concentrated more on my other classes and even women. Don't get me wrong, I did go into the lab, but I even admit to not going in enough to make a substancial effect on the progress of the project. My supervisor was not happy and gave me a much deserved kick in the ass. During winter semester I wised up and started to work really hard. Even with all my efforts to show my supervisor I could be a hard working student she still percieved me as an idiot, but I still passed and thats all that counts.


Anonymous said...

yo, you rock the casbah Budman. Keep shakin your groove thang!

- jesus

Budman said...

Wow! Mad props Jesus! Too bad I'm Jewish and I don't believe in you... But thanks anyways